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San Carlos Little League - San Diego, CA

San Carlos Little League - San Diego, CA

2022 Home Run Club

Majors Division

3/2 Nolan Russell squares up on an 0-2 pitch and sends a line drive over the left center field wall, lifting the Twins over the Giants.

3/2 Enzo Busalacchi scored the Mariners' only run against the Twins in the 2nd inning with a towering shot over the left field fence.

3/5 Enzo Busalacchi homers in the 3rd inning on a 3-1 count to score 2 runs with a blast to left center field against the Braves.  

3/10 Grant Lorek smashes a 3-run HR over the left center field fence in the Giants' win over the A's.

3/19 The A's Isaac Murphy hits a towering shot that lands in the minors filed and rolls to the infield!

3/27 Nolan Russell belts a grand slam in a 17-6 win over Lake Murray during the 2022 CBI Tournament.

4/14 Isaac Murphy crushes a 3-1 pitch over the Left Field fence in the A's game vs. the Twins.

4/23 Luke Pennick blasts a lead-off home run against the La Mesa Mets on a 1-0 pitch. 

4/24 Tyler Shepley’s 2-run line drive smash over the Right Field fence seals the 4-1 win over the Allied Garden Braves in the Travis Lamke Championship game.

4/25 Isaac Murphy hits a towering shot way over dead Center field, against the Fletcher Hills Mariners.

4/27 Enzo Busalacchi homers deep to Left Center field on an 0-1 pitch, scoring 3 runs which helps lift the Mariners over the Fletcher Hills A’s. 

5/7 A's first baseman Isaac Murphy crushes his 4th homer of the year--a long fly ball that lands 30' past the Center Field fence.

5/10 Dylan Gomaidy hits a 2-run laser to Right Center and onto the upper field dugout, leading the Brooklyn Dodgers to a win over Allied Gardens.

5/11 Enzo Busalacchi hits a 2 run home run over the Left Field fence in the bottom of the third inning against the A’s. 

5/14 Cross Lococo goes yard for 3 runs, leading the Dodgers in their 12-1 win over the Braves.

5/23 Landon Miller crushes a solo shot over the Center Field fence, leading the Mariners to a 2-0 win over the Twins.

6/2 Nolan Russell smashes one over the left field fence helping the Twins beat the A’s.

6/3 Landon Miller crushes a 2-run shot over the center field fence, extending their lead over the Twins.

6/4 Cross Lococo hits a 3-run bomb to left center field in the TOC championship game against the Mariners.

6/7 Cross Lococo hits a dramatic walk-off grand slam in extras to carry the Dodgers past Rolando LL in majors TOC play.

Enzo Busalacchi: 4 HR's

Dylan Gomaidy: 1 HR

Cross Lococo: 3 HR

Grant Lorek: 1 HR

Landon Miller: 2 HR

Isaac Murphy: 4 HR's

Luke Pennick: 1 HR

Nolan Russell: 3 HR's

Tyler Shepley: 1 HR

Total Majors HR's: 20

Minors Division

2/26 Cashton Hazlewood sends an Opening Day 2-run blast to deep Right Center, and onto the majors field--tying up the game at 6-6.

3/19 Brayden Yeager leads off the second inning taking an 2-0 fastball deep to dead center, leading the Flying Squirrels to a comeback victory.

4/7 Owen Frie hits a towering shot to Center for the Rubber Ducks, in the bottom of the first on a full count pitch.

4/16 Brayden Yeager hits a 2-run no-doubter over the Left Center fence in the bottom of the fifth, catapulting the Flying Squirrels into the lead.

5/14 Brayden Yeager hits his third homer of the year over the Center Field fence and into the Majors field, leading the Flying Squirrels to the win.

Owen Frie: 1 HR

Cashton Hazlewood: 1 HR

Brayden Yeager: 3 HR's

Total Minors HR's: 5

Rookies Division

2/26 Jonah Parker hits an Opening Day 2-run homer to lead his team to a 3-1 victory.

3/9 Luke Hendrix hits a 3-run dead Center blast in the bottom the third, as team Dutra scores an 11-0 victory.

3/22 Jack Cornell hits a 3-run shot for the WildCats.

4/7 Jonah Parker hits his second home run of the season--a 3-run shot in the bottom of the fourth, leading his team to an 11-4 win.

4/9 Jack Dutra goes yard with a solo shot in the bottom of the first, getting it going for team Dutra.

4/9 Derek Anning smashes a GRAND SLAM for the Dominators--his first home run of the season.

4/14 Cooper Wich hits a line drive over the right center fence to lead off the third inning for the Crocs.

4/16 Derek Anning hits his second homer of the season over the left field fence.

4/25 Derek Anning hits a lead-off bomb into the Center Field bleachers in the first inning.

4/28 Jack Dutra squares up and sends one to far Right Center, past the flag pole and onto the tee ball field.

4/30 Jack Dutra hits a lead off home run to Center Field, starting the scoring in a 4-1 victory.

5/2 Derek Anning hits a 3-run smash to lead the Dominators to the win.

5/14 Jack Doemeny hits his second HR of the season for the SD Bombers.

5/24 Jack Doemeny goes yard in TOC--a 2-run homer against the Wildcats.

6/4 Luke Hendricks hits a three run home run as the clean up hitter in the bottom of the first, in the rookies TOC championship game.

Derek Anning: 4 HR's

Jack Cornell: 1 HR

Jack Doemeny: 3 HR's

Jack Dutra: 3 HR's

Luke Hendricks: 2 HR's

Jonah Parker: 3 HR's

Cooper Wich: 1 HR

Total Rookies HR's: 17


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