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San Carlos Little League - San Diego, CA

San Carlos Little League - San Diego, CA

2021 Home Run Club

2021 Home Run Club


3/27 Nico Gigante hits a laser to center and two rockets to right center field for a total of 3 on the day for the Yankees.
3/27 Shawn Ruch goes yard for the Yankees.
4/1 Lucas Ornelas goes deep in the 5th inning with a blast for his first HR of the year.
4/5 Jeremiah "Tiko" Stepner hammers a homer for the Blue Jays in the first inning.

4/5 The Rockies' Joel Vargas hits a bomb to left center in the bottom of the first inning.
4/5 Hezekiah "Kie" Smith goes back-to-back with Vargas, homering over the left center wall.
4/5 Kie Smith smokes a ball past the minors field scoreboard, crushing his second homer of the game.
4/5 Tiko Stepner scores another blast in the 5th inning.
4/7 Brayden Geruntino hits a moonshot to left center field.
4/7 Parks Kronk Hawley crushes a homer for the Brewers.
4/12 Logan Allport slams a 2-run homer in the 5th inning into the right center bleachers, leading the Orioles to a win.
4/14 Nico Gigante hits a solo homer in the 3rd for the Yankees.
4/14 Mario Vitale hits a line drive down past the right fielder for an inside-the-park HR.
4/17 Tiko Stepner gets the Blue Jays off to a fast start with a 2-run HR in the 1st inning.
4/17 Tiko Stepner does it again with his second bomb of the game for the Blue Jays.
4/17 Jacob Gibb sends a homer onto the minors field for the Orioles.
4/21 The Yankees take the lead with a 3-run homer by Nico Gigante.
4/24 Hezekiah "Kie" Smith hits a solo home run in the 3rd inning against the La Mesa National White Sox--a towering shot that goes directly over the left field foul pole.
4/24 Kie Smith hits his second homer of the game to start off the bottom of the 4th inning.
4/24 Logan Allport hits a blast to deep center field, in the first inning.
4/24 Logan Allport scores his second home run of the game: an official inside-the-park homer on a shot down the first base line and into the right field corner.
4/24 Jacob Gibb hits a high bomb over the flagpole in center field for the Orioles.
4/26 Joel Vargas hits a 3-run shot over left field in the bottom of the second inning.
4/26 Hezekiah 'Kie' Smith squares up a 2-run laser off the score board in the bottom of the sixth inning.
4/28 Jack Gendron goes yard for the Brewers with a bomb to left field.
4/28 Parks Kronk-Hawley crushes a solo homer to deep center.
5/1 The Yankees come up short to the Mets but Nico Gigante keeps them close with a 3-run homer to center field.
5/1 Tiko Stepner blasts a 3-run homer, his fifth of the year, to give the Blue Jays an early lead.
5/1 Lucas Ornelas bashes a 3-run homer for his second round tripper of the year.
5/4 Logan Allport hits a 2-run longball over the right center bleachers, as the Orioles defeat the Yankees.
5/6 Sivan Benami hits her first home run of the year--a shot against Rolando LL in the Battle of the Lakes tournament.
5/6 Joel Vargas hits a towering three-run shot to center field in the third inning.
5/6 Nico Gigante hits his 7th blast of the season: a 2-run dinger in the Battle of the Lakes tournament.
5/8 Jacob Gibb hits  3-run homer, his third of the season.

5/8 Tiko Stepner hits a solo shot in the first inning for the Blue Jays.

5/8 Logan Allport  hits a solo shot, his fifth of the year.
5/8 Hezekiah Smith hits a monster 2-run shot over center field in the 2nd inning.
5/8 Brayden Geruntino hits a moonshot to center field for his second HR of the year. 
5/10 Lucas Ornelas blasts a 2 run homer for his third round tripper of the year.
5/10 Jackson Gottlieb hits a liner down the right field line for a inside-the-park HR at Murphy Canyon.
5/10 Nico Gigante clears the bases in the 2nd inning with a grand slam.
5/11 Mario Vitale smashes a home run over the center field wall in the 3 inning. 
5/12 Nolan Runge goes deep in the first inning with a 3-run home run, his first of the year.
5/12 Nico Gigante hits his 9th blast of the season.
5/13 Luke Penick hits his first homer for the Orioles, going yard with a 2-run shot over left center.

5/15 Nico Gigante hits a 1st inning monster homer out of center field at Allied Gardens for #10 on the season.

5/15 - In the second game of a double header, Nico Gigante hits a blast that clears the right field bleachers for 2 RBIs.

5/17 Nico Gigante hits a 1st inning 2-run rocket into the first row of cars in right field. 

5/18 The Orioles' Jacob Gibb and Logan Allport go back-to-back: Gibb with a shot to left and into the minors field; Allport with a towering drive to deep center.

5/18 Bryce Ault goes yard with a solo big fly over center field for his first homerun in the 5th inning.
5/18 Hezekiah 'Kie' Smith hits a 2-run shot that bounces off the top of the center field fence and goes out in the 3rd inning, plus a second solo shot later in the game.
5/19 Parks Kronk-Hawley squares up a shot to dead center.
5/19 Tiko Stepner goes yard for the Blue Jays with a 3 run home run, his seventh of the year.
5/19 Nolan Runge leads off the 2nd with a bomb to left center for his second HR of the year.
5/20 Mario Vitale comes up in the bottom of the 8th inning and hits a bomb over center field fence for the walk-off HR to win the game in dramatic fashion 6-4.
5/22 Jacob Gibb hits a home run to left field.
5/22 Joel Vargas hits a solo home run to center field in the 4th inning vs the Brewers. 
5/22 Hezekiah Smith hits a 3-run shot to left center in the 5th vs the Brewers. 
5/22 Joel Vargas hits a 2-run shot into center field in the 3rd vs the Blue Jays.
5/24 Logan Allport goes way yard to left center and into the minors field for the Orioles.
5/24 Tiko Stepner hits a 2-run shot to center field.
5/27 Joel Vargas hits a 2-run blast to left center, lifting the Rockies over the Brewers.
6/1 Logan Allport hits a 2-run homer into the parking area.
6/3 Hezekiah "Kie" Smith hits a 2-run homer to center field in the 1st inning against the Mets.
6/4 Tiko Stepner hits a 3-run shot to center field.
6/5 Brayden Geruntino hits a two-run blast to dead center.
6/5 Mario Vitale keeps the Mets homers rolling with a 2-run bomb to center field in the bottom of the 1st inning.
6/5 Lucas Ornelas hits a grand slam for the Mets in the championship game to blow the game wide open in the top of the 6th inning.
6/25 Jacob Gibb hits 2 solo homers to center field in the SCLL All Stars' win over North Park.
6/25 Jack Gendron smashes a 2-run homer to Center.
6/30 Hezekiah "Kie" Smith hits a 2-run homer to Center to get the scoring going against Allied Gardens in the 12U All Stars.
7/5 Jack Gendron hits a grand slam to Center to secure the SCLL victory over Rolando in the 12U All Stars game.

Logan Allport: 8 HR's
Bryce Ault: 1 HR
Sivan Benami: 1 HR
Jack Gendron: 1 HR
Brayden Geruntino: 3 HR's
Jacob Gibb: 7 HR's
Nico Gigante: 12 HR's
Jackson Gottlieb: 1 HR
Parks Kronk Hawley: 3 HR's
Lucas Ornelas: 4 HR's
Luke Penick: 1 HR
Shawn Ruch: 3 HR's
Nolan Runge: 2 HR's
Hezekiah "Kie" Smith: 10 HR's
Jeremiah "Tiko" Stepner: 9 HR's
Joel Vargas: 6 HR's
Mario Vitale: 4 HR's

Total Majors HR's:  78

5/6 Jack-Jack Walker smashes a 2-run shot in the third inning for the first minors homer of the season, leading El Nino to a W over the FIsher Cats.
5/22 Drew Shelton goes yard the Fisher Cats!

Jackson Walker: 1 HR
Drew Shelton: 1 HR

Total Minors HR's: 2

4/10 Dillon Allport goes yard to straight center field with the first rookies homer of the year--leading the Dirt Dogs to a close win.
4/17 Brayden Yeager hits a monster bomb over the right center fence and onto the tee ball field--another homer for the Dirt Dogs.
4/21 Brayden Yeager hits a walk-off homer for the Dirt Dogs, bouncing a longball off the top of the right field fence.
4/30 Jack Doemeny hits a 3-run shot to left center in the first inning.
5/1 Brayden Yeager hits a bomb to dead center field.
5/1 Carter Shelton of the Bandits goes yard far over the left field fence and onto the softball field, with the first homer of the season off kid pitch.
5/8 Jack Doemeny squares up a pitch and drives it over the left field fence for a 3-run homer, his second of the year.
5/13 Ava Allport hits a 3-run bomb over the left field fence and onto the tee ball field.
5/16 Dillon Allport goes yard twice: a 3-run HR and a line drive later in the game to center field.
5/20 Jack Doemeny hits two bombs to left field--one of which landed on the softball field.
5/26 Jack Doemeny hits a deep bomb to center field for a 3-run homer in the first inning.

Ava Allport: 1 HR
Dillon Allport: 3 HR's
Jack Doemeny: 5 HR's
Carter Shelton: 1 HR
Brayden Yeager: 3 HR's

Total Rookies HR's: 13


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