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**Please note that Fall Baseball 2020 has been cancelled, due to covid-19 uncertainties.

For more information about this program, contact the Fall Ball coordinator: 
[email protected]  

Fall Ball Season:
The fall baseball season runs from September through Thanksgiving. Registration will be announced on the website in July.

SCLL Fall Ball Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to show proof of  residency?                                                                                                  
A: No, fall ball is a more flexible season for players to play at the next level with friends.

Q: Do I need to fill out another Medical Release form?                                                                                          
A: Yes, with every season a new Medical Release & Concussion Form needs to be turned into the manager.

Q: How many SCLL Fall Ball teams will there be?
A: The number of SCLL Fall Ball teams will depend entirely on how many players register per division (Majors, Minors, Rookies/CAPS).

Q: What days are the games?
A: Fall Ball game schedules consist of one game a week on Sundays, usually in the early to mid-afternoon. Exact game times are scheduled and released by District 33.

Q: How often do Fall Ball teams practice?
A: Most SCLL Fall Ball coaches practice 1-2 times per week, but it depends on the coach.

Q: What is the charge for Fall Ball?
A: Fall Ball is priced at $100 per player, which includes a jersey and hat. 

Q: I heard someone say that my son/daughter can "play up" or "play down" in Fall Ball. What does that mean?
A: An example of "playing up" would be if your son/daughter was a 6 yr old T-ball player this past season, then he/she might "play up" in the CAPS level for this Fall Ball season. This might benefit those trying to get a head start for the playing at the next level in the Spring.

An example of "playing down" would be if your son/daughter was a 10 yr old Minors player this past season, then he/she could still "play down" at the Minors level for this Fall Ball season. An advantage of this might be if your son/daughter's skill level isn't quite ready for the jump to Majors and could use further development at the Minors level. "Playing up" or "playing down" only applies to divisions for players who have completed their second year in that division.

Q: How much travel is involved?
A: All divisions (Caps/Rookies, Minors, Majors) will play inter-league games with other D33 leagues so about half of the games will be at SCLL. The other games will be against local D33 Little Leagues (i.e., Allied Gardens, La Mesa National, Mission Trails, North Park, etc). 

Q: We occasionally have other activities planned on Sunday, can we miss a game or two?
A: This is generally not a problem with Fall Ball. However, as is always the case, the more commitment from the players, the more they usually get out of it. 

Q: What divisions are available during the Fall Ball season?
A: Typically, Caps/Rookies, Minors and Majors are played during Fall Ball. If a 6yr old T-ball player was interested in playing up a level in CAPS, Fall Ball is the perfect time to do it. 

Q: How long does the Fall Ball season run?
A: Fall Ball starts in late early September and runs just before Thanksgiving in November. Specific start dates will be determined by the District 33 scheduler.

Please send any unanswered Fall Ball questions to the SCLL Fall Ball Coordinator at: [email protected]

If your player is older than League Age 12, please contact our neighbors at Patriot League Baseball (click here)





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