Posted Oct 28, 2016

San Carlos Little League's
Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Players Age:

A player’s age is determined by the age they will be on or before April 30th of the spring season.  This is called their “league age.”  

If your player is older than league age 12, please visit our friends at Patriot League Baseball.  They play on the field east of the SCLL fields and their website can be found by clicking here.
Tee ball consists mainly of 4, 5 and first year inexperienced 6 year olds;
CAPS consist mainly of 7 years olds with some 6 and 8 years olds;
Rookies consist mainly of 8 year olds with some 7 and 9 year olds;
Minors consist mainly of 9 and 10 year olds with some 8 and 11 year olds;
Majors consist mainly of 11 and 12 year olds with some 10 year olds.
We want your player to have fun and succeed, so the division of play is adjustable depending on their skill and/or experience. Some like to stay an extra year in a lower division and others like to try out for an older division.
Spring Baseball Season:
The spring season runs from February to early June. All Star participation may last into July. Online Registration begins in November. Teams are selected in early January!  Register online by clicking on the Register Online button on the left side of the website (only available during open registration).

Questions related to Spring Ball Registration:

Do I need to bring proof of residency every year even though I haven't moved? Yes, per Little League regulations, every year we need the past year to current year (February 1st to February 1st) proof of residencey.

If my player is using the school form as proof of residency, do I need to renew this form every year?                                                                                                                                                          No, as long as we have your first form on file. Once the child moves to a new school (Middle School) out of the leagues boundaries and the player wants to remain in the league then a IId Waiver needs to be completed and approved by the Disrict DA.

Do I need to fill out a new Registration Packet every year even though there are no changes?       Yes, every season a new Medical Release, Concussion Form, Code of Conduct and Registration waiver form is needed.

If my player is playing on a IId Waiver, how does this work?                                                                                         If a waiver was obtained and approved by the District DA, a copy is given to the family and a separate copy is kept on file with the league. This waiver is turned in as the Proof of Residency along with the Registration Packet. IId Waivers are needed if you lived within the leagues boundaries and then moved out or moved schools, then a IId Waiver MUST be obtained.

Fall Ball Season:
The fall baseball season runs from September through Thanksgiving. Registration will be announced on the website in July.

Questions related to Fall Ball Registration:

Do I need to show proof of residency?                                                                                                   No, fall ball is a more flexible season for players to play at the next level with friends.

Do I need to fill out another Medical Release form?                                                                                           Yes, with every season a new Medical Release & Concussion Form needs to be turned into the manager.

Practices and Games:
Once teams are selected, practice days will be determined by the manager of your team.  Managers will select practice days based on field availability and game schedule.  A team will play on Saturday and plays one game during the week (depending on your division).  Game schedules will be available online after teams are selected.
SCLL uses an online registration system which typically begins in November. Online registration will remain open for a few weeks and will be followed by document collection events. Look for announcements on the website.
Team Selections: 
Evaluations take place in mid January with teams announced soon thereafter.  A draft is conducted for the upper & lower (Rookies & Caps) divisions to ensure our teams are balanced and everyone has a chance for post season play. 


The following schools are within SCLL boundaries: St. Therese Academy, Hearst, Green and Dailard Elementary. If utilizing the school rule, complete the School Enrollment form found under the Document/Forms tab to the left of the website. Parents must fill out the top portion, take it to the school and have the principal/administrative assistant sign the document. Turn this document in when Spring season registration opens. 

Tournament Of Champions:

At the end of every Spring season teams in the Majors, Minors and Rookies Divisions play in the Tournament of Champions, typically known as "TOC".  TOC is a double elimination tournament.  Majors and Minors teams will be seeded based on their regular season record (which does not count "pre-season" games played in the first part of the season.  There is no seeding in Rookies since game records are not kept.  TOC is held in the last week of the season.  Winners of TOC in the Majros and Minors divisions then go on to play in the District 33 TOC against teams from other leagues.

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